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Slimming Infrared Body Wrap
A quick easy solution for a slimmer you!
Stimulate body detoxification, lose inches and reduce inflammation!
Slimming/Inch loss
Body Contouring
Stimulation of the Lymphatic System
Skin Firming
Metabolism Booster
Redefinition of Skin Texture

The Slimming Body Wrap has been proved to be one of the most effective and secure scientific methods for weight-losing or body-shaping. All the life-forms on earth naturally have activation of cells and flourishing metabolism with the radiation of Far Infrared Ray (FIR). FIR has the function of radiation or irradiation and it penetrates organizations (3-10cm) under skin, muscle, bone and entrails resulting in a calefaction and hear moxibustion which may speed up blood circulation, cell activating and metabolizing of cells. It has good effects on diminishing inflammation, acesodye, sterilization, dispersal of blood siltation, wound cure, obesity treatment or weight-loss etc.
 How does the Body Wrap work?

The Slimming Swedish Wrap System cleans clogged tissues allowing for the body’s natural elastin to firm up and help hold the new contours shaped by the compression bodywraps. Toxins are stored in the fluids between fat cells when the skin and lymphatic system become overloaded. These toxic deposits slow down the skin’s ability to eliminate waste and inhibit elastic fibers from holding and maintaining a smooth and firm shape. The Body Wrap helps eliminate the problem of toxin build-up by detoxifying the tissue and retraining the lymphatic system.

What will the Body Wrap process be like?

Please do not moisturize the morning of your wrap. Ladies may wear panties or panties and a bra. You may bring your own lingerie to change into after the bodywrap, as yours will be damp afterwards. As all of our technicians are female, gentlemen must wear either their own dark briefs or their own running shorts – no boxers, please.